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I haven’t published anything in quite some time! I am going to try to be in here more often this year, but we will see how busy things get.

I recently migrated all of my websites to a new hosting service. I was looking for a VPS solution that I would be able to play with a bit if I wanted to. Additionally, I was hoping for something that would host my websites and allow me the flexibility of hosting various game servers (Minecraft and Don’t Starve) when I needed them. I looked around for a bit before deciding on the one. And the winner is…

I’ve been hosted at Vultr for about 4 months at this point and haven’t even had so much as a slow-down on any of my websites. That is including my Don’t Starve Together server which I leave running for my friends most of the time. Vultr has an hourly charge model, but it’s incredibly affordable compared to competitors who charge monthly. There are a significant number of options available, including pre-built application servers, when setting up your instance, take a look for yourself. Server Options Server OptionsAdditionally, if you want, you can set up separate smaller instances for your various needs. Or you can do what I do and just run them together.

I prefer Ubuntu, personally, I use it as my primary operating system and it backs one of the servers I maintain at work. Not to mention, I’ve been using it for a few years now so I am familiar with the commands and configuration options. Keep in mind that you will get an empty box, without cPanel or any of that fancy stuff (You can pay extra per month for a centOS box with cPanel installed). Setting up a web server from scratch is time consuming and can be a bit of a pain, unless you are into that sort of thing. So, I also managed to find ServerPilot to get me up and running quickly. Of course, Vultr gives you SSH access to the server so you can get in and customize things, set up a minecraft server, or whatever you want to do.



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